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NOTE: Transforms are a part of the underlying language, which is not directly accessible to users. This content is maintained for reference purposes only. For more information on the user-accessible equivalent to transforms, see Transformation Reference.

Inserts a non-functional comment as a recipe step. Commented steps are ignored during job execution.

Multi-line comments are not supported.

Basic Usage

Depending on how the comment is inserted, the format of the step may vary.

Manually inserted comments:

In the Search panel, enter the following text in the Transformation textbox:


Then, specify a value in the comment textbox.

Pasted comments:

Text values of the following formats can be pasted into the Transformation textbox. These steps are converted to comment transforms:

// This is a comment.

/* This is also a comment. */

Output: Output is unaffected by the comment. Comments are highlighted in a different color in the recipe panel.

Exported comments:

When comments are exported in scripts from the Recipe panel, they are in the following format:

// This is a comment.

Syntax and Parameters

comment comment: 'This is a comment.'

Data Type
commentYtransformName of the transform
commentYStringText of the comment to include.


A text value that represents the comment that will appear in the recipe panel and in all exported scripts.

Required?Data Type


Tip: For additional examples, see Common Tasks.

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