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Dataprep by Trifacta® supports the following types of connections. Use the links below to create new connections. 

Create Connection

  1. Click Connections in the left nav bar. 
  2. In the Connections page, click Create.


Search: Enter a search string in the search bar to locate connections of interest. 

Tip: Search scans the selected category. For broadest search results, select the All types tab.

Tip: You can create connections to datasources hosted on Cloud SQL. Search for Cloud SQL for the available connection types, or select the Cloud SQL version of the connection type of interest. Required configuration information is very similar.

Early Preview: Early Preview connections are read-only connection types that get you connected to your data, so that you can begin exploring and transforming as soon as possible. For more information, see Early Preview Connection Types.I'm interested: Click I'm interested to upvote adding the connection type to the Trifacta application. Help chart the future direction of connectivity! 

For more information, see Create Connection Window.

Connection Categories

In the Create Connection window, connections are organized according to the following categories.


Connect to data storage for your web-based applications.


These connections enable you to access data in your CRM or ERP systems.


General relational connectivity:

Relational connectivity is available for the following product editions:

NOTE: Availability of individual connection types may vary. Please see the documentation for the specific connection type for details.

Feature Availability: This feature is available in the following editions:

  • Dataprep Enterprise Edition by Trifacta®
  • Dataprep Professional Edition by Trifacta
  • Dataprep Premium by Trifacta
  • Dataprep Standard by Trifacta

These connections pertain to relational database sources.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, authentication to a relational connection requires basic authentication (username/password) credentials.

If you are connecting Dataprep by Trifacta to any relational source of data, such as Oracle, you must add the Trifacta Service to your whitelist for those resources.

NOTE: Relational datasources must be available on a public IP address that is accessible from the deployment of Dataprep Premium by Trifacta.

For more information, see Getting Started with Cloud Dataprep.

Tip: Click the Cloud SQL version of a connection type to create a connection to your Cloud SQL instance of the selected database.


You can create connections to the listed file-based datastores or to REST API-based storage.


You can create connections to the datastores for popular marketing solutions.

Connections to Base Storage Layer

Connections of these type are automatically created for you.

Cloud Storage

Enable: Automatically enabled. For more information, see Google Cloud Storage Access.

Create New Connection: n/a

Default Connections

These connections are automatically enabled and configured with the product.


Enable: Automatically enabled.

Create New Connection: n/a


Enable: Automatically enabled. For more information, see BigQuery Connections.

Create New Connection: n/a

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