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On January 27, 2021, Google is changing the required permissions for attaching IAM roles to service accounts. If you are using IAM roles for your Google service accounts, please see Changes to User Management.


In the Flow Advanced Settings dialog, you can configure the following settings, which provide finer-grained control and performance tuning over your flow and its job executions. From the flow menu, select Advanced settings.

Logical and physical optimizations for jobs

When this setting is enabled, the Trifacta application optimizes job performance on this flow through logical optimizations of your recipes and physical optimizations of your recipes interactions with data. 

NOTE: If two consecutive job executions of a flow fail, then optimizations are skipped for the flow. If the job execution then succeeds, optimizations are automatically disabled for the flow. They can be re-enabled if needed.

This feature must be enabled at the workspace level. When enabled, the setting in this dialog overrides the equivalent setting for your workspace.

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