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Feature Availability: This feature may not be available in all product editions. For more information on available features, see Compare Editions.

The VPC Runtime Settings page enables you to configure how various types of operations, including transformation jobs, are executed within your enterprise's VPC. This feature must be enabled.

 By default, Dataprep by Trifacta executes jobs and connectivity actions within the Dataprep by Trifacta VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). If preferred, you can configure Dataprep by Trifacta to perform these jobs within your enterprise's VPC. 

NOTE: In-VPC execution must be enabled by an administrator. For more information, see Dataprep Project Settings Page.

For more information on configuration and acquiring values for these settings, see Dataprep In-VPC Execution.

Kubernetes cluster tab

These settings apply to configuration of the in-VPC Kubernetes cluster where transformation jobs are to be executed.

SettingCommand or Value
Master URLMaster URL of the Kubernetes cluster.
OAuth token

The OAuth token to use when accessing the Kubernetes cluster.

Cluster CA certificate

The cluster certificate for SSL.

Service account name

The Service Account to use when access the cluster.

Public key (optional)

Public key to use when accessing the cluster.

Private key secret name (optional)

Private key to use when accessing the cluster.

Other tabs

The following settings apply to these types of jobs, each of which is covered on a separate tab:


Trifacta Photon

Transformation jobs that are executed in-memory for small- to medium-sized jobs.

Tip: Explanations below reference Trifacta Photon but apply to the other job types in the other tabs of the page.

ConnectivityJobs to read from and write to external datastores. 
ConversionJobs that convert binary or non-native datasources to internally understood sources.

Available settings:

NOTE: CPU and memory requests and limits should be lower than the CPU and memory that can be allocated on the GKE node.

SettingCommand or Value
Kubernetes namespace

The Kubernetes namespace where the Trifacta Photon job should run.

Kubernetes job CPU request

Trifacta Photon job CPU request in milliCPUs

Kubernetes job CPU limit

Trifacta Photon job CPU limit in milliCPUs

Kubernetes job Memory request

Trifacta Photon job memory request in mebibytes

Kubernetes job memory limit

Trifacta Photon job CPU memory in mebibytes

Kubernetes job node selection constraints (optional) 

Label selectors that should be used to constrain Trifacta Photon pods to run on particular nodes. 

Kubernetes job node tolerations (optional)

Node tolerations that should be used to schedule Trifacta Photon pods to run on nodes with matching taints.

  • To test your configuration, click Test. A success message should be displayed. 
  • To save your configuration, click Save.

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