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reference dataset is a reference to a recipe's outputs that has been added to a flow other than the one where the recipe is located. When a reference dataset is selected, details are available in the context menu.

NOTE: A reference dataset is a read-only object in the flow where it is referenced. You cannot select or use a reference dataset until a reference has been created in the source flow from the recipe to use. See View for Recipes above.

To add a reference dataset, you can:

  • From the source flow, select the reference object for a recipe. In the context panel, click Add to Flow....
  • Click Add Datasets from the main Flow View page and select one from a different flow.

Figure: Reference Dataset icons

Menu Options:

  • Add:
    • Recipe: Add a recipe for this dataset. If a recipe already exists for it, this new recipe is created as a branch in the flow.
    • Join: Join this dataset with another recipe or dataset. If this dataset does not have a recipe for it, a new recipe object is created to store this step. See Join Window.
    • Union: Union this dataset with one or more recipes or datasets. If this dataset does not have a recipe for it, a new recipe object is created to store this step. See Union Page.
  • View details: Explore details of the dataset. See Dataset Details Page.
  • Go to original reference: Open in Flow View the flow containing the original dataset for this reference. 
  • Remove from Flow: Remove the dataset from the flow.
    • All dependent flows, outputs, and references are not removed from the flow. You can replace the source for these objects as needed.

      NOTE: References to the deleted dataset in other flows remain broken until the dataset is replaced.

Figure: View for referenced dataset in a new flow

NOTE: Reference datasets marked with a red dot no longer have a source dataset for them in the other flow. These upstream dependencies should be fixed. See Fix Dependency Issues.

When you select a reference dataset in flow view, the following are available in the right-hand panel.

Key Fields:

Source Flow: Flow that contains the dataset. Click the link to open the Flow View page for that dataset.

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