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When you select a recipe, you can choose to create a reference object off of that recipe. From the recipe context menu, select Create Reference Dataset.

reference dataset is a dataset that is a reference to the output generated from a recipe contained in another flow. Whenever the upstream recipe and its output data are changed, the results are automatically inherited through the reference to the reference dataset. 

NOTE: You cannot select or use a reference dataset until a reference has been created in the source flow from the recipe to use.

To create a reference dataset from a recipe, click the Paper Clip icon.

Figure: Reference icon

Menu Options:

  • Add to Flow: Click to add the reference dataset to a new or existing flow.
  • Edit name and description: (Available to flow owner only) Change the name and description for the object.
  • Delete Reference Dataset: Remove the reference dataset from the flow.

Deleting a reference dataset in the source flow causes all references to it to be broken in the flows where it is referenced. These broken references should be fixed by swapping in new sources.

The following options appear in the right panel.

Figure: Reference view

Key Fields:

Used In: Indicates the number of flows where the reference appears. If this number is greater than one, click More details to review the flows. See Dataset Details Page.

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