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To run a job, you must create an output object, which defines one or more output locations, file formats, and other settings.

Each recipe needs only one output object. An output object can contain multiple output destinations, including different outputs for file and tabular data.


  1. In the Run Job page, click Add Action to create a new output. 

  2. In the Publishing action page, select the file from the search list and specify settings in the right panel.

    Tip: You can create a file-based output or a table-based output from the right panel.

  3. To save the settings, click Add.

From Flow View

You can also create an output from the Flow view page.

  1. Right-click a recipe and select Create Output to run
  2. Select the output.
  3. Your output object can contain output definitions for both of the following job types:
    1. Manual Settings tab: These outputs are generated when you click Run. See previous steps.
    2. Scheduled Settings tab: These outputs are generated when a scheduled job is executed. See Schedule Jobs

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