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In Designer Cloud, a plan is a sequence of tasks that you can execute. You define the set of tasks, their sequence, and any conditional logic that needs to be applied to their execution. Tasks can be of different types, including tasks to execute your flow outputs.


In many scenarios, data pipelines have dependencies in them. Data sourced from one dataset must be cleaned and delivered for use in another data pipeline. When a pipeline is built, it needs to be scheduled for periodic execution. Ideally, when the execution completes, downstream stakeholders must be informed that the pipeline has succeeded or failed in execution.

In  Designer Cloud, plans provide the mechanism for building these robust data pipelines within the application, in which sequences of flows can be executed to deliver more diverse datasets. As a result of the success or failure of these flow executions, the Designer Cloud application can deliver messages to receiving applications, such as Slack.

Tip: As one of your plan tasks, you can configure an HTTP message, which allows you to trigger endpoints in the Designer Cloud application itself. So, you can configure your plan executions to trigger a wide range of activities within the product itself.


In this example, you want to create a plan that executes the following tasks:

  1. Execute the flow task that performs the initial cleaning of your data. The results data is saved to a known location.
  2. Execute the flow task that transforms the cleaned data for downstream uses. 
  3. Based on the outcome of step 2:
    1. On success: Send a success message to a Slack channel.
    2. On failure: Send a failure message to a Slack channel.

In Plan View, this plan might look like the following:

Figure: A plan with a sequence of flow tasks and branching Slack tasks to deliver results messages

After creating the above plan, you can perform test runs. 

If the tests are successful, you can schedule the plan for periodic execution.

Create a Plan

You build plans in Plan View. See Build a Plan.

Schedule a Plan

You can schedule executions of your plan. See Schedule a Plan Run.

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