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In Flow View, you can schedule job executions to deliver outputs to your preferred destinations. You must configure a schedule trigger and a scheduled destination.


  1. In Flow View, select Schedule from the context menu.
  2. Schedule trigger: In the Add Schedule dialog, select your scheduling options:
    1. Timezone: Select the timezone to use to determine when to execute the specified schedule.
    2. Frequency: Select the time and frequency of execution: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or cron.

      NOTE: Scheduling supports a modified version of cron scheduling syntax.

    3. To add another scheduled time, click Add

  3. To save your schedule, click Save.

  4. A Calendar icon appears in the Flow View indicates that the flow has a new schedule.
  5. Scheduled destination: To specify a destination where the scheduled job should deliver results, select the output icon. 
    1. In the Details panel, click the Destinations tab. Then, click Add.
    2. See Create an Output.
  6. To edit the schedule time, click the Calendar icon on the top of the flow page, then click Edit. Make changes as required and save.
  7. To disable your schedules, click the Calendar icon and move the Enable slider. 
  8. To delete the schedule, click the Calendar icon, then click Delete

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