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You can apply the following tips to improve your search results.

Search Tools

Left nav barExamine content in the current page and those below it.
Top search bar or
Left search bar 
Search current area of docs.
Application search

In the application, click the Help icon () in the menu bar and select Search Help.

Search by Labels

Documentation pages are augmented with page labels, which provide a method for categorization of content. 

Tip: Page labels are listed as Popular Categories on the home page of your documentation.

Use the following syntax in the search bar to look for content based on page labels:



Search Syntax

NOTE: Some words, such as the and of are ignored, since they are not indexed.


  • Single-character and multi-character wildcards are supported:

  • Add a tilde (~) to search for terms if you are unsure of the spelling:

  • Use double quotes for greater precision:

    "happy cat"
  • You can use logical operators in your search terms:

    beans OR cheese
    beans AND cheese
    beans NOT cheese
  •  You can group terms:

    (beans or cheese) NOT rice

Other types of searches

By article titles:

title:My Page Title

By page labels:

labelText:transform AND unnest

For more information on these types of searches, see

Other Resources

These tips and more are available at

Confluence search is built on the Lucene search engine. For more information, see


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