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Trifacta Documentation

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Getting Started

If you've got an account or need a free trial, you can start your journey here.

Clean and Enhance

Identify and fix anomalies. Add or filter data. Analyze as needed.

Share & Collaborate

Share your flows with teammates and invite them to collaborate.

Intro to Data Wrangling

Get to know the revolutionary capabilities of  #UNKNOWN_PRODUCT_EDITION# and how they can accelerate your data pipelines.

Combine Datasets

Join, union, or lookup datasets into yours.


Configure your project or workspace and manage users, authentication, and more.

Connect & Import

Connect to your files or tables or access Alteryx example datasets.

Generate, Automate & Orchestrate

Run your jobs or schedule them to run later. Build plans to sequence execution across multiple flows.


Integrate #UNKNOWN_PRODUCT_EDITION# with your existing data engineering pipelines.

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