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Any user with a valid user account can import data from a local file. When you log in for the first time, you can immediately import a dataset to begin transforming it.

NOTE: Designer Cloud does not modify a source. Instead, a set of metadata is associated with the source data, which enables transformation of the source. On export, a new version of the data is written to one or more specified output destinations.


When data is imported, a reference to it is stored by the platform as an imported dataset. You can modify the recipe associated with a dataset to transform the imported data.

  1. Log in to the application.

  2. In the menubar, click Library. Click Import Data.
  3. In the left nav bar, click Upload. Then, select Choose a file to upload a file from your local desktop. 

    Tip: You can select multiple files for uploading at the same time.

  4. Select the required files and click Open.

  5. To add the selected to a new flow object, click the Add to new flow checkbox.

  6. Click Continue to add the dataset to the flow.

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