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Through the Column Browser, you can use data quality bars and data type information to perform basic review of data across many columns. You can use these tools to select data of interest for display in the data grid or Column Details views or to prompt for suggestions of recipe steps.

  • You can also use the Column Browser to toggle the display of individual columns.
  • To open the Column Browser, click the Column View icon in the Transformer bar for the Transformer page.

Figure: Column Browser

You can select one or more columns in the browser and then perform actions on them.

Locate Columns

You can apply one or more filters to limit the set of columns displayed in the browser:

NOTE: Filters are additive and persist between the column browser and the data grid.

For more information, see Filter Panel.

Select Columns

In the browser, you can manually select one or more columns or apply one of the predefined selections.

  • To select a range of columns, click a column, press SHIFT and then click the ending column.
  • To select multiple discrete columns, press CTRL/COMMAND and click additional columns.
  • To toggle selection of a column, click it again.

Column Actions

For any individual column:

  • Click the Eye icon to hide/show of the column in the Transformer page. See Visible Columns Panel.

    NOTE: Hidden columns are only removed from view in the Transformer page. They still appear in any generated output.

  • Hover over the color bars in the data quality bar to review counts. See Data Quality Bars.
  • Right-click a column to display a list of actions in the context menu. Column actions apply only to the selected column and depend on its data type. 
    • For multiple selected columns, you can choose an action from the Action menu an option that apply to all of the selected columns.
    • See Column Menus.

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