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This section contains documentation on common methods for solving your data wrangling tasks in Trifacta® Wrangler.

Discovery Tasks
Explore SuggestionsHow to explore the transform cards that are presented based on your selections
Find Bad DataMethods for locating malformed or mistyped data
Find Missing DataMethods for locating missing data, including less common instances
Manage Null ValuesHow to identify and manage null values discovered or generated in your dataset.
Locate OutliersIdentify the values in your data that are extremely low or high
Analyze across Multiple ColumnsHow to perform analysis across multiple columns in your dataset
Calculate Metrics across ColumnsUse this workflow to calculate metrics across multiple columns within a single row.
Import Excel DataHow to import one or more worksheets from a Microsoft® Excel® workbook.

Cleanse Tasks
Remove DataHow to remove columns, values from columns, and rows from your dataset
Normalize ValuesNormalize units using fixed or dynamic conversion factors and adjust the level of granularity in your data.
Match Text ValuesHow to find text values by string literals and patterns
Manage String LengthsSet limits on the lengths of strings or collect sub-string values from a column.
Deduplicate DataHow to find and remove duplicate rows and columns
Rename a ColumnRename a column in your dataset.
Enhance Tasks
Add Headers to Your ColumnsAdd column titles to your columns manually or automatically.
Add Lookup DataIntegrate data from other datasets based on shared values within a column.
Generate Primary KeysHow to generate primary keys within your dataset
Append DatasetsAppend rows from one or more datasets to another dataset.
Insert MetadataAdd data about your data to your dataset.
Edit a JoinAfter you have created a join, you can modify its datasets, keys, included columns, and dataset snapshots.

Project Management Tasks
Profile Your Source DataProfile your data when it is imported, so that you can reference the profile during and after development.
Validate Your DataTechniques for validating the consistency and completeness of your dataset.
Track Column ChangesHow to track which values in a column have changed over a set of transform steps.

Build Sequence of Datasets

One set of results can become a new dataset.

User Management Tasks
Change Password
Change your Trifacta password.

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