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As needed, you can filter the rows and columns displayed in the data grid. To review and apply filters, click Filters.

Figure: Data Grid Filters

Tip: Use data grid filters to assist in locating and selecting columns or values for selection and selection cards. After you have applied the suggested step to your recipe, remember to remove the filter on the data grid.

NOTE: Wildcards are not supported.

Columns: You can filter by column name values and data types.

  • Enter a text string to immediately filter the display to show only columns with matching values.
  • Click next to a data type to show columns of that type.
  • Text and data type filters are additive. Both filters are applied to the display.

    NOTE: If a column is hidden in the Visible Columns panel, it cannot be surfaced using a filter. You must toggle its display first. See Visible Columns Panel.

    NOTE: Previewed columns are always displayed.

Rows: Enter values to highlight the rows where the values are present. Only rows where the values are present are displayed.

To remove all row and column filters, click Clear all filters.

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