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In the Generate Results dialog, you can specify the output formats and compression options for your results.

NOTE: Generating results executes the transformations on the entire dataset and saves a new copy of the data. Depending on the size of the dataset and available processing resources, this process may take a while

Tip: Columns that have been hidden in the Transformer page still appear in the generated output. Before you run a task, you should verify that all currently hidden columns are ok to include in the output.

Figure: Generate Results dialog


  1. Formats: Select the output formats you want to generate for the results.
    1. TDE: Results are generated in Tableau Data Extract format, which is suitable for import into Tableau. 

      NOTE: To generate in TDE format, you must also generate CSV results.

  2. Compression: For text-based outputs, compression can be applied to significantly reduce the size of the output.
  3. Profile Results: Optionally, you can disable profiling of your results, which may improve execution speed.

  4. Generate Results: Click this button to begin generating results. 

After a task has completed, you can open the results or review the summary of them. See Results Page.

Results are written to the home directory specified in your user profile. See User Profile Page.

Details of your results are available through the Results Summary page, including links to download results. See Results Summary Page.

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