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Generate Results

When you are ready to test your recipe against the entire dataset, click Generate Results in the Transformer page. In the dialog, you specify the output formats and any compression to apply. Unless you are working with a large dataset, compression is unneeded for this basic walkthrough.

Tip: Optionally, you can disable generating a visual profile of your results. While the visual profile is very useful for examining issues in your recipe and iterating, it is a resource-intensive process. If you are working with large datasets that do not require additional debugging, you can consider disabling the profiling of your results.

After the results are generated, click Summary to open the results in the Results Summary page.

Tip: You can also download the results directly and view the recipe used during execution. See Dataset Details Page.


In the Results Summary page, you can review the effects of the transformation recipe across the entire dataset. Statistics and data histograms provide overall visibility into the quality of your transformation recipe:

Figure: Results Summary page

See Results Summary Page.

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