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In addition to CSV and other formats, Trifacta® Wrangler can directly import Microsoft® Excel® workbooks. When the workbook is uploaded, you can select one or more of the worksheets to become separate datasets or to combine them into a single dataset. 


  1. In the toolbar, click Datasets
  2. In the Datasets page, click Import Data to select and upload your Excel workbook as an imported dataset. See Import Dataset Page


    Figure: Upload Excel workbook

    Tip: If you experience issues uploading XLS/XLSX files that are larger than 35MB, you can convert the files to CSV files and then upload them.

  3. To add datasets: 
    1. Create one dataset with all workbooks: Click the Plus icon next to the top-level item (PointOfSaleData in the above image).
    2. Create individual datasets: Click the Plus icon next to each item you want to add as a separate dataset. The item is added to the right panel. 
    3. You can always combine datasets together later using a union operation. See Union Page.
  4. After your datasets have been added, you can edit the name and description information for each in the right navigation panel.
  5. Optionally, you can assign the new dataset(s) to an existing flow or create a new one to contain them. 

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