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This documentation applies to Trifacta Wrangler. Download this free product.
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In this documentation, working examples are complete Wrangle commands. Example:

derive value:(2 + 3) as:'five'

All syntax commands use the following generalized structure:

transform-name [param1:param_value1] param2:FUNCTION_NAME(arg1,[arg2]) [param3:(expression)] param4:param_value4|param5:param_value5

  • Inputs:
    • For transforms, inputs are called parameters.
    • For functions, inputs are called arguments.
  • Function names are written in ALL CAPS.
  • Square brackets [like this] indicate optional parameters or arguments.
  • Parentheses are used:
    • To bracket function inputs
    • To bracket expressions, such as myCol >= 4. In some of these instances, parentheses may be optional. 
  • A vertical pipe (|) may be used between parameters or arguments that are paired. Typically, one of them may be used, but not both.

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