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In the Results Summary page, you can explore the details of an individual result and, if necessary, iterate on the recipe to address any issues. 

 From the Results page, click Summary next to the specific result.

Figure: Results Summary page

  • Click View Dependencies to review the datasets and recipes that depend on this dataset or on which this dataset depends.
  • Click Open Results to open the generated results from your local environment.

Summary information:

The upper section of the Results Summary window provides summary information on the task that was executed. In particular, you should pay attention to the mismatched values and missing values counts, which identify the percentage of values in the dataset that are affected by these issues.

From the drop-down in the menu bar, you can select a different set of results generated for the same dataset.

NOTE: Trifacta Wrangler treats null values as missing values. Imported values that are null are generated as missing values in results (represented in the gray bar). See Manage Null Values.

  • Result ID: Internal identifier for the generated results.
  • Dataset: Click the link to see other results generated for the dataset.
  • Duration: Indicates the length of time required to execute the results. 

Column break-downs:

In the lower section, you can explore details of the transformations on individual columns. Use this area to explore mismatched or missing data elements in individual columns.  Depending on the data type of the column, varying information is displayed. For more information, see Column Statistics Reference.

Tip: You should review the type information for each column, which is indicated by the icon to the left of the column.

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