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This documentation applies to Trifacta Wrangler. Download this free product.
Registered users of this product or Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise should login to Product Docs through the application.

This section describes the user interface pages and controls of Trifacta® Wrangler


Figure: Menu bar

  • Flows: Use the Flows page to create and manage your flows. See Flows Page.
  • Datasets: From the Datasets page, you create and manage your datasets. See Datasets Page.

  • Results: After you have generated results, you can review and download results and all results history. See Results Page.

  • User menu: Review options to manage your account and other settings.

  • Help menu: Access help resources, including documentation, training, and members of our team.

    • Chat Support: Begin a chat session with a member of the Trifacta Customer Success team.
    • Search Help: Search all available help content.
    • Product Docs: Access online product documentation.

    • Online Training: Review online training through your browser.

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