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NOTE:  Designer Cloud Educational is a free product with limitations on its features. Some features in the documentation do not apply to this product edition. See Product Limitations.



An output is defined as a set of files or tables, formats, and locations where results are written after a job run on the recipe has completed. To run a job from a flow, you must create an output object that defines where results are delivered after a job is successfully executed.

Every flow requires an output in order to publish results. An output object is composed of one or more publishing actions. A publishing action defines the output type, format, location, and other settings where results from a recipe are delivered. 

You can create publishing actions in multiple formats and publish those to different databases and file storage formats. The following are the output types:

  • File-based outputs such as CSV. 
  • Table-based outputs such as Oracle or PostgreSQL.

Create an Output

You can use either of the following methods to create an output object and its related publishing action.

From Flow View:

In Flow View, an output object extends from a recipe, indicating the results of the recipe are delivered to the output object. 

  1. Open your flow in Flow View. 
  2. In Flow View, you can: 
    1. Right-click a recipe. Select Add Output to run.
    2. If an output already exists, select it.
  3. The output is displayed in the Details panel on the right-side.
  4. In the Details column under Manual Settings, click Edit.
  5. In the Publishing Settings page, click Add Publishing Action

Tip: For scheduled runs of your flow, you must specify Scheduled Settings to automatically generate the output when the flow is executed by a schedule. For more information on scheduling, see Overview of Scheduling

From Run Job page:

For an existing output, you can create new destinations from the Run Job page. 

  1. In Flow View, click Run Job.
  2. In the Run Job page, click Add Action to add a new destination. 

Output Files for Download

In the Run Job page for Designer Cloud Educationalyou can choose the output format for files that you can download: CSV or JSON.

Based on your selection, the following options are defined for you:

OptionCompressionNumber of FilesHeadersWith QuotesDelimiter


  • Compression: Output files are not compressed.
  • Number of files: Outputs are contained in a single file.
  • Headers: CSV file format supports the insertion of headers as the first row in the output.
  • With Quotes: Field values in the file are marked by double-quote (") marks.
  • Delimiter: Fields (columns) are separated in the file by commas (,).

Edit an Output

From Flow View page:

  1. Right-click an output object. The object details are displayed in the context panel.
  2. In the context panel, select the Manual Settings tab. Then, click Edit. The Publishing Actions page is displayed.
  3. Make changes as needed in the Publishing Actions page. To save your changes, click Update.

From Run Job page:

In the Run Job page, hover over the publishing action to modify. Click Edit.

Delete an Output

You can delete the output object from the Flow View and from Run Job page:

Flow View page:

  1. In the Flow View, select the output. 
  2. In the right panel, select Delete Output from the context menu.

Run Job page:

In the Run Job page, you can delete publishing actions. From the context menu for a publishing action, select Delete.

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