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NOTE:  Designer Cloud Educational is a free product with limitations on its features. Some features in the documentation do not apply to this product edition. See Product Limitations.



In the Library for Data, you can create or import assets for use in the Alteryx® Analytics Cloud.


For more information, see Import Basics.


You can import data for use in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud through a reference object called an imported dataset. An imported dataset is a reference to the source of the data. 

NOTE: The source data is never modified. In some cases, the source data may be copied to the base storage layer. For example, data that is uploaded from your local desktop must be copied to the base storage layer so that it is accessible to you and potentially other users of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

For more information, see Overview of Storage.


For more information, see Library for Data Page.

How To

For getting started with tasks, see Library for Data Tasks.

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