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July 17, 2019

The June ‘19 Release of Trifacta® Wrangler includes Macros--a new way to create repeatable bulk actions in Trifacta Wrangler. Macros allow you to bundle multiple steps in a Trifacta recipe as a single object and to create parameters for it, which simplifies the deployment and management of repetitive recipe tasks.


Macros provide a repeatable way of accomplish repetitive or common tasks. In the example shown below, we use three steps to create a way to easily remove outliers. Outline of steps:

  1. Create a column of the standard deviations, 

  2. Create a column of the mean, and 

  3. Create a formula to flag outliers based on whether or not the value falls more than 3.5 standard deviations from the mean.

In the video below, we create a macro out of these three steps, with the original column as a dynamic parameter that can be changed from recipe to recipe. We then apply this macro in a different recipe on a different column to do the work for us.

As needed, you can inspect a macro to see the underlying steps to verify correct behavior. You can also parameterize more than just columns, including numbers, strings, patterns, booleans, and more.

For the full Release Notes for this release and previous ones, click here .

For more information on previous releases, see Past Releases.

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