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NOTE:  Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Educational is a free product with limitations on its features. Some features in the documentation do not apply to this product edition. See Product Limitations.


A reference dataset is a link to a recipe's output, which can been added to other flows.

NOTE: A reference dataset must be created from the context menu of a specific recipe.  When added to another flow, a reference dataset is a read-only object. For more information on creating reference datasets, see View for Reference Datasets.

Figure: References Page

To create a reference dataset, click the plus icon next to any recipe you want and select  Create Reference Dataset . A reference dataset is created in the flow view page where the recipe is located. For more information, see View for Reference Datasets.

You can filter the reference datasets based on the ownership of the datasets. Columns:

  • Name: Name of the reference dataset.
  • Owner: Owner of the  reference dataset.
  • In flows: Count of flows where the reference dataset is used. 
  • Source: Flow from which the reference dataset was created.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp when the reference dataset was modified.


  • Browse: If displayed, use the page browsing controls to explore the available objects.
  • Search: To search object names, enter a string in the search bar. Results are highlighted immediately in the page.
  • Sort: Click a column header to sort the display by the column's entries.

Context menu options: 

NOTE: The context menu options vary based on the ownership of the datasets.

  • Preview: Inspect a preview of the dataset.

    NOTE: Preview is not available for binary format sources.

  • Add to Flow: Add the dataset to a new or existing flow.

  • Edit name and description: Change the name and description of the dataset.

  • Delete Reference Dataset: Delete the dataset.

    Deleting a reference dataset causes all references to it to be broken in the flows where it had been added. These broken references should be fixed by swapping in new sources.

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