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In the Run Job page, you can specify transformation and profiling jobs for the currently loaded dataset. Available options include output formats and output destinations.

Tip: Columns that have been hidden in the Transformer page still appear in the generated output. Before you run a job, you should verify that all currently hidden columns are ok to include in the output.

Figure: Run Job Page


Profile Results: Optionally, you can disable profiling of your output, which can improve the speed of overall job execution. When the profiling job finishes, details are available through the Job Details page, including links to download results.

NOTE: Percentages for valid, missing, or mismatched column values may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

See Job Details Page.

Publishing Actions

You can generate one of the following outputs:

Output TypeDescription

Single file output. No compression is applied. Output includes: with headers, with quotes, with delimiter: ,


Single file output. No compression is applied.

NOTE: JSON-formatted files that are generated by Trifacta Wrangler are rendered in JSON Lines format, which is a single line per-record variant of JSON. For more information, see

Run job

To execute the job as configured, click Run Job. The job is queued for execution.After a job has been queued, you can track its progress toward completion. See Jobs Page.

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