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NOTE:  Designer Cloud Educational is a free product with limitations on its features. Some features in the documentation do not apply to this product edition. See Product Limitations.



This section provides information on type conversions in Designer Cloud application.


When data is imported:

  • Supported data types from the source are converted to corresponding data types supported by the application, based upon the conversions listed in this section.
  • Types that are not supported but are recognized by the application are converted to String types.
  • Data for types that cannot be read from the source due to technical reasons are converted to null values on import.

Type Inference

By default, the Designer Cloud application applies type inference for imported data. The application attempts to infer a column's appropriate data type in the application based on a review of the first lines in the sample and how those lines are interpreted by the type system.

Type inference can be disabled for individual datasets. For more information, see Disable Type Inference.


On export from the Designer Cloud application:

  • The application maps the internal Alteryx data type to the explicit type listed in the appropriate page in this section.
  • Unmapped types are converted to the equivalent of strings.

Type Conversions

Avro Data Type Conversions This section covers data type conversions between the Designer Cloud® application and the Avro file format.

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