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Review the changes to the publicly available REST APIs for Trifacta® Wrangler Pro for the current release and past releases. 

Changes for Release 8.1

Changes for Release 7.7

credentialProvider no longer required for /v4/awsConfig

In prior releases, API requests to the /v4/awsConfig endpoint using the PUT method could receive the following error:

{ "name": "ApiValidationFailed", "message": "Message does not adhere to API specification", "details": "'credentialProvider' field in request body must not be null" }}

The credentialProvider field is not required, and this requirement has been removed from the endpoint.

/v4/awsConfigs PUT method has been deprecated

In prior releases, the /v4/awsConfigs endpoint supported the use of a PUT method to modify AWS configuration objects.

This endpoint-method combination has been deprecated. The new PATCH method is the following:

NOTE: The PUT method for this endpoint is still accessible. In a future release, it will be removed from the platform. Please switch to using the PATCH method.

Request Body

For more information on configuring AWS access objects, see API Workflow - Manage AWS Configurations.

Changes for Release 7.5

Flow sharing API now accepts user email addresses

Beginning in Release 7.5, the API has been enhanced to allow insertion of a user's email address as part of the request body. Below is an example request:

Request Body
    "data": [
            "email": "",
            "role": "collaborator",
            "policy": "flow_editor"

If the above returns a 201 - Success status message, then has been given the role of collaborator, which uses the flow_editor policy, for flowId 402.

Tip: You can still use the internal identifier for the user, too.

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