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Select connection types may be made available through  Trifacta® Wrangler Pro prior to general availability and full support. These Early Preview connection types are intended to enable customers to get connected to their source data to begin building their data wrangling pipelines. The currently available Early Preview connection types are described below.

General Limitations

Early Preview connection types provide early access to and use of new connection types so that you may begin working with data in your connected datastores. Avoid deploying Early Preview connections into a production environment before testing in Dev/Testing environments. To send feedback, please contact Trifacta Support.

Unless explicitly stated below, each Early Preview connection type has the following limitations:

  • Cloud/SaaS Premium only.
  • Read-only. Writing back through the connection is not supported.
  • Authentication. Access to the datastore must be completed through the listed and supported method for the connection type. Depending on the connection, the method may be limited to one of the following:
    • Basic credentials (username/password)
    • APIKey
    • SecurityToken
    • OAuth 2.0
    • Methods of authentication not listed with the connection type are not supported.
  • Limited data type support. All imported data is mapped to the following basic data types. Support for other data types, including Datetime, is not available for Early Preview connections:
    • String
    • Integer
    • Decimal
    • Boolean

Additional possible limitations include:

  • SSO is unlikely to be supported.
  • Connect String Options cannot be applied to data modeling.
  • Import uses a default schema, which may not show all of the available tables in the connected database.
  • Of the available tables, some tables may not show all columns due to limitations in the data source.
  • Performance through an Early Preview connection may be slower than for generally available connections.
  • Connector-specific functionality that may require additional engineering may not be supported through the Early Preview connection.

Support Policy

Early Preview connections are made available through the Trifacta application with the intention of making them generally available and fully supported at some point in the future.

Tip: Using Early Preview connections can assist Trifacta in prioritizing them for general availability.

These connections are supported with the following limitations:

  • These connections are supported only for importing datasets and generating samples.
  • The configuration, supported use cases, supported data types, and limitations are subject to change prior to making the connection generally available.
  • While it is the intention of  Trifacta to make all Early Preview connections generally available for our customers,  Trifacta reserves the right to remove the connection from availability at all or to change the connection at any time prior to general availability.
  • Bugs found in Early Preview connections may not be fixed before general availability.

Avoid using Early Preview connections in production environments without testing them first in Development/Staging environments.

Coming Soon connections:

Connections that are labeled Coming Soon in the Trifacta application may be made available in the future. If you are interested to getting early access, please contact  Trifacta Support.

Create Connection

NOTE: To be able to create a connection, you must be assigned the appropriate permissions in the Trifacta application. For more information, see Workspace Roles Page.


Please complete the following steps to create any Early Preview connection.

  1. Login to the Trifacta application.
  2. In the left bar, click the Connections icon. 
  3. In the Connections page, click Create.
  4. Select the appropriate card for the connection type. The cards for the connections below are marked: Early Preview
  5. Specify the connection according to the instructions provided below. 
  6. Verify the connection by creating an imported dataset.

For more information, see Connections Page.

Create Connection via API

Depending on your product edition, you may be able to create your connection via API.

To create an API connection, you must acquire the vendor, vendorName, and type information from the appropriate section below. 

"vendor": "<Vendor>",
"vendorName": "<VendorName>",
"type": "<typeIdentifier>"

Use Connection

This section contains basic information on using connections to various types of supported storage. 

Early Preview Connections

Item Description
Airtable Connections Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. For more information, see See Airtable Connections.
Amazon Athena Connections Amazon Athena is a service that enables a data analyst to perform interactive queries in the AWS public cloud on data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) For more information, see . See Amazon Athena Connections.
Amazon DynamoDB Connections Amazon DynamoDB is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing non-relational document based databases. For more information, see See Amazon DynamoDB Connections.
Cassandra Connections Cassandra is a distributed system for deployment of a large number of nodes across multiple data centers. For more information, see See Cassandra Connections.
Freshdesk Connections Freshdesk by Freshworks is a cloud-based customer engagement service for managing customer interactions and the sales pipeline. For more information, see See Freshdesk Connections.
Google Analytics Connections Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. For more information, see See Google Analytics Connections.
Greenplum Connections Greenplum uses a high-performance architecture to distribute the load of multi-terabyte data warehouses and can leverage a system's resources in parallel to process a query. For more information, see See Greenplum Connections.
Hubspot Connections HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that offers marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. For more information, see See Hubspot Connections.
Mailchimp Connections Mailchimp is a marketing application that enables you to maintain contact management practices and powerful data analysis. For more information, see See Mailchimp Connections.
MariaDb Connections MariaDB is a popular open source relational database. It has been integrated into various cloud offerings and is the default database for many Linux distributions. For more information, see See MariaDb Connections.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Connections Microsoft Dynamics 365  Sales is a set of interconnected, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and services designed to both transform and enable your core customers, employees, and business activities. For more information, see See Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Connections.
ServiceNow Connections ServiceNow provides technical management support, such as IT service management and help desk functionality, to the IT operations of large corporations. For more information, see See ServiceNow Connections.
Smartsheet Connections  Smartsheet is a project management and collaboration tool served in a simple spreadsheet layout. For more information, see See Smartsheet Connections.

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