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Release 5.0.1



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You can automate execution of tasks against the Trifacta platform by referencing URL destinations through your Chrome browser.


  • If the user has not authenticated with the Trifacta platform, the user is redirected to the Login page, where s/he can login before completing the UI integration. 
  • The integration must be executed through Google Chrome.

How to:

To execute a UI integration, login to the platform and execute the following:

[http|https]://<host>:<port>/<UI endpoint>


  • http or https is the appropriate protocol identifier, depending on whether you have enabled SSL connections
  • <host> is the Trifacta platform.
  • <port> is the port number to connect to the Trifacta platform. Default value is 3005
  • <UI endpoint> is the URI to use, as specified for the UI endpoint.

UI Integrations:

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