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Release 5.0.1




Support Policy

Product documentation is supported in conjunction with the support policy of the software. When a software release is no longer supported by Alteryx Inc, its documentation is no longer actively supported.

Online documentation published to this site receives the highest level of support and latest changes.

NOTE: For the latest documentation, please always rely on online versions of the content.

Except in unusual cases, PDF versions of product documentation are not updated after a release has been made generally available.  



Language Syntax

Recipe steps may be listed in the documentation as raw  Wrangle language.

Tip: You can copy raw Wrangle steps from the documentation and paste them into the Search panel of the Transformer page. See Search Panel.

For more information on the syntax used in the documentation, see Language Documentation Syntax Notes

Users and Groups References

In configuration content, you may see references to users or groups similar to the following. In this case, you can see the different types of references for the Hadoop user, its default value, and both of these values together. 



Generic reference to the cluster user that the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform uses to interact with the cluster


Default value for the above user

[hadoop.user (default=trifacta)]

Combination of the two previous values

This syntax is used to describe both the generic reference and the expected or default value for the reference. The Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform supports using non-default users and groups for most interactions. See Required Users and Groups.

Configuration Syntax

This documentation utilizes JSON dot notation to describe parameters and values to modify. For more information on this syntax, see Platform Configuration Methods.

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