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To add a schedule to your flow, click the drop-down menu in the Flow View page, and select Add Schedule.

NOTE: For a dataset with parameters, execution times are listed as the time when the job actually launched, instead of the scheduled time.

NOTE: Do not schedule executions through Flow View in a Prod instance when deployment management is enabled.

  • Schedules defined in Flow View are applied to Active and Non-Active releases in Production environments.
  • If the scheduled release is deactivated, the schedule still exists, and the jobs are executed on an flow that is now out-of-date.
  • For more information, see Overview of Deployment Management.


Figure: Add Schedule dialog

Scheduling Options:

  • Timezone: Select the timezone to apply to the schedule. 
  • Frequency:
    • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly: Run the schedule at the specified moment for the interval.

      Tip: For drop-downs showing days of the week or days of the month, you can click multiple values to select them.

    • cron: Set the schedule according to cron syntax. For more information, see cron Schedule Syntax Reference.

To add another trigger for the flow's schedule, click Add.

To create the schedule, click Save.

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