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Release 5.0.1



You should change the passwords for the Trifacta® databases immediately after installing the software.

Please complete the following steps to change the passwords for the  Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta platform  users of the Trifacta databases.

Change via SQL:

  1. If you have not done so already, switch to the Postgres user and launch psql:

    sudo su - postgres
  2. For each database, change the default password, where trifacta and trifacta-activiti correspond to the default roles of the two databases, respectively. Please modify the command if you are using different roles and insert a more secure password for <new_pwd>:

    ALTER ROLE trifacta WITH PASSWORD '<new_pwd>';
    ALTER ROLE trifacta-activiti WITH PASSWORD '<new_pwd>';
  3. Exit psql:


Change via Trifacta configuration:

  1. Below are the username and password properties for each database. You can apply this change through the Admin Settings Page (recommended) or trifacta-conf.json. For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods. Please review and update as needed: 

    1. Trifacta database

      "webapp.db.username" = "<user>",
      "webapp.db.password" = "<pwd>",
    2. Jobs database: 

      "batch-job-runner.db.username" = "<user>",
      "batch-job-runner.db.password" = "<pwd>",
    3. Scheduling database: 

      "scheduling-service.database.user" = "<user>",
      "scheduling-service.password.password" = "<pwd>",
    4. Time-based trigger database: 

      "time-based-trigger-service.database.user" = "<user>",
      "time-based-trigger-service.database.password" = "<pwd>",
  2. Save your changes and restart the platform.


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