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This section contains information on how to configure the instances of the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application in your network environment. The Wrangler Enterprise desktop application is a desktop application that can be installed locally. For more information, see Install for Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise Application

Define Alteryx® Servers

The Wrangler Enterprise desktop application can be configured to access multiple instances of the Alteryx Server

Tip: Apply this configuration change to each Alteryx Server to which you would like users to be able to connect. In the list of URLs, you should list the preferred server first.

NOTE: All instances of the Alteryx Server must be on the same domain.


You can apply this change through the Admin Settings Page (recommended) or trifacta-conf.json. For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods.

  1. Locate the following parameters and modify. Example values are listed below:

    "hostNameSelection.hostUrls": [],
    "hostNameSelection.enabled": false,
  2. Set the enabled flag to true. This flag enables the drop-down selector on application startup.
  3. Provide the URLs to the available instances of the Alteryx Server. The configuration should look like the following:

    "hostNameSelection.hostUrls": ["",
  4. Items are listed in the drop-down in the order listed here. 
  5. Save your changes and restart the platform. 

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