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By default, users can create their own accounts. 

Creating your own user account


  1. Users may self-register at the following address:
    <host_name> is the host of the Designer Cloud® application
    <port_number> is the port number to use. Default is 3005
  2. Click the Register link.
  3. Enter your credentials in the spaces provided. A valid email address is required.
  4. As soon as the account is created, you may login at the first address. See Login.

Creating users when self-registration is disabled

When self-registration is disabled, an administrator must manually create the accounts for users. Administrators can create accounts at the following address:


NOTE: If SSO or secure impersonation is enabled in your environment, administrators must apply a principal value to each newly created user. See Manage Users.


When a new account is created, an email is sent to the address for the created user.


Account Not Configured login error

If you have created a user account, you may see the following error message when you try to login:

Figure: Account Not Configured

In this case, the account may require additional configuration. In SSO or Kerberos environments, an administrator may need to provision a SSO or Hadoop principal value to be applied to the user account. See Admin Settings Page.


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