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This example illustrates how a variety of date-related functions can be used to derive specific values out of a column of Datetime type.

  • YEAR - Returns the four-digit year value from a Datetime value. See YEAR Function.
  • MONTH - Returns the two-digit month value from a Datetime value. See MONTH Function.
  • MONTHNAME - Returns the full month name value from a Datetime value. See MONTHNAME Function.
  • DAY - Returns the day of the month as a numeric value from a Datetime value. See DAY Function.
  • HOUR - Returns the hour value on a 24-hour scale from a Datetime value. See HOUR Function.
  • MINUTE - Returns the minutes value from a Datetime value. See MINUTE Function.
  • SECOND - Returns the seconds value from a Datetime value. See SECOND Function.


2/8/16 15:41
12/30/15 0:00
4/26/15 7:07


derive type:single value: YEAR (date)

derive type:single value: MONTH (date)

derive type:single value: MONTHNAME (date)

derive type:single value: DAY (date)

derive type:single value: HOUR (date)

derive type:single value: MINUTE (date)

derive type:single value: SECOND (date)



NOTE: If the source Datetime value does not contain a valid input for one of these functions, no value is returned. See the second_date column below.

2/8/16 15:4120162February81541 
12/30/15 0:00201512December3000 
4/26/15 7:0720154April2677 

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