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By default, the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform provides controls for administrators to reset passwords for themselves and for other users. 

  • For more information, see Manage Users.
  • After users have logged in, they can reset their passwords via their Profile page. See User Profile Page.

Optionally, Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition customers can enable users to reset their passwords via email, which provides an extra measure of validation and security.


  1. Your enterprise must have an accessible SMTP email server that the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform can use to send emails.
  2. You should create a dedicated email account for issuing the password resets. The username and password for this account must be stored in platform configuration. 



  1. You can apply this change through the Admin Settings Page (recommended) or trifacta-conf.json. For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods.

  2. Edit the following settings:

    "webapp.enableSelfServicePasswordReset": true,
    "webapp.passwordResetExpiryInMinutes": 1440,
    "webapp.passwordResetSender": "<SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS>",
    enableSelfServicePasswordResetSet this value to true to enable this feature.

    Set the expiration time for the password reset email. Users must click through to reset their password before this time limit expires.

    The default value is 1440, which is 24 hours.


    Enter an email account to use as the displayed sender of these emails.

    Tip: You should enter a value here to mask the real user account that is specified for the SMTP server connection.

  3. Save your changes and restart the platform.


  1. Visit the login page for your Alteryx deployment. See Login.
  2. Click the Forgot password? link.
  3. Reset your password.
  4. When the email arrives, click the link to complete the password reset.


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