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Acquire license key

A valid license key  (license.json) is provided to each customer prior to installation. Your license key file is a JSON file that contains important information on your license such as the expiration date.

NOTE: If your license key has expired, please contact Alteryx Support.

Install your license key

If you are updating your license, you may want to save your previous license key to a new location before overwriting.

NOTE: Do not maintain multiple license key files in this directory.

To apply your new or updated license key, copy the key file to the following location in the Alteryx® deployment


Changing the license key location

By default, the license key file in use must be named: license.json .

If needed, you can change the path and filename of the license key. See Admin Settings Page.

Invalid license key file

When you start the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform, you may see the following:

Your license key is either missing or has expired. Please contact Alteryx Support.

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