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Through the Pattern Details panel, you can select the pattern that most appropriately matches the values of interest to you in a column. 

To open, select Pattern Details... from the column menu.

Figure: Pattern Details panel

At the top of the panel, you can review a histogram of patterns covering the values in the column. Hover over a histogram value to review details.

In the lower part of the panel, you can review individual patterns and their row counts in the dataset.

Tip: Hover over a pattern or sub-pattern to see the affected values in the example data beneath it.

  • As needed, you can toggle the display of example values. 
  • Select one of the following to trigger suggestions:
    • Entire patterns
    • Individual tokens or example values within a pattern

Tip: After selecting a pattern, click Cancel to return to the Pattern Details panel.

Tip: Additional details on patterns are also available through the Column Details. For more information on pattern selection, see Column Details Panel

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