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Through the Recipe panel, you can review and modify the steps of the recipe that you have already created.  

Figure: Recipe panel

  • When you mouse over a step, you can choose to edit or remove the step or perform other operations. See below.

    NOTE: If you select a step before the latest one in your recipe, the data grid is updated to reflect the state of the sample at that time. All subsequent steps are grayed out in the Recipe panel. When you run a job, all steps in the entire recipe are executed.

    NOTE: In a dataset that is shared, multiple users cannot make changes to the recipe at the same time.

  • To insert a new step, click where you want to insert and then click Add Step.

Recipe Options

  • New Step: Click this button to search for a transformation to insert as a new step in the recipe at the currently selected location. See Search Panel.
  • Click the X icon to close the panel.

From the Recipe panel drop-down, you can select the following options:

  • Go to active step. Jump to the currently active step and display the sample as of that step.
  • Display Wrangle/natural language. Toggle between displaying recipe steps in native Wrangle or in more readable language (default).

  • See Edit History. Display history of recipe edits by user. See Edit History Panel.

  • Download CLI script. You can export the necessary package of files for use by the Alteryx command line tool, which enables command-line automation of your data wrangling operations. See CLI for Jobs

  • Download Recipe as Wrangle. You can download the recipe as text for offline review and storage.

    NOTE: Wrangle recipes are stored in the Alteryx® database. You cannot upload new or modified recipes to the platform.

  • Download Sample data as CSV.  Download the sample currently displayed in the Transformer page in CSV format.

    Tip: The downloaded CSV reflects the sample modified up to the currently selected recipe step, so you can use this to acquire and review data transformation in progress. For more information, see Take a Snapshot.

Step Options

When you mouse over or select a step, the following options are available:

  • Edit Step:Edit the step.
  • Disable/Enable Step: Disable or enable the currently selected step.
  • Copy to clipboard: Copy the raw  Wrangle step to the clipboard. See below.

  • Insert step before: Insert a new step before the current one.
  • Insert step after: Insert a new step after the current one.
  • Delete step: Delete the step from your recipe.

Copy and paste recipe steps

From the Recipe panel, you can copy individual steps to the clipboard. These steps are copied as raw  Wrangle syntax, which is not normally used in the interface.

As needed, a  Wrangle step can be pasted back into a recipe. After you have copied the raw step, paste it into the Search panel. If the step is valid, the Transform Builder is pre-populated with the values. Add it to you recipe as needed. For more information, see Search Panel.


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