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Release 6.0.2



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This is the latest version of the APIs.


Performs a dry run of creating the connection, testing it, and then deleting the connection.

NOTE: In this release, you cannot create Redshift or SQL DW connections via the API. Please create these connections through the application. This known issue will be fixed in a future release.

For more information on connections, see Connection Types.

Version:  v4

Required Permissions

NOTE: Each request to the Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta® platform must include authentication credentials. See


Request Type: POST



Request Body - Relational Connection:

For relational connections, the request body should look like the following. All properties are required unless noted.

NOTE: Relational connections require the creation and installation of an encryption key file on the Trifacta node. This file must be present before the connection is created. See Create Encryption Key File.

This example creates a Postgres connection of basic credentials type. A valid username/password combination must be specified in the credentials property.

    "connectParams": {
        "vendor": "postgres",
        "vendorName": "postgres",
        "host": "",
        "port": "5432",
        "database": "myDB"
    "host": "",
    "port": 5432,
    "vendor": "postgres",
    "params": {
        "connectStrOpts": "",
        "database": "myDB"
    "ssl": false,
    "vendorName": "postgres",
    "name": "postgres",
    "description": "",
    "type": "jdbc",
    "isGlobal": false,
    "credentialType": "basic",
    "credentialsShared": true,
    "disableTypeInference": false,
    "credentials": [
            "username": "<username>",
            "password": "<password>"

For more information on these properties, see API Connections Get v4.


Response Status Code - Success:  200 - OK

Response Body Example - success:

    "result": "SUCCESS",
    "reason": null

Response Body Example - failure:

In the following example, the message indicates that there was a failure to connect to the host.

    "result": "FAILURE",
    "reason": {
        "exception": {
            "name": "com.trifacta.connect.spring.exception.JdbcConnectionException",
            "message": "Could not connect to host",
            "details": "com.trifacta.connect.spring.exception.JdbcConnectionException",
            "cause": "ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused)"


For more information on the response body properties, see API Connections Get v4.


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