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When you attempt to launch the application, you may receive an error message similar to the following:

No internet connection
Remote server timed out.

In some environments, your desktop machine may need to connect to the Internet through a proxy server. If you are using Wrangler Enterprise desktop application, it needs to know the proxy server to which to connect in order to access the Alteryx® node

Please complete the following configuration steps to access the Alteryx servers.


  1. In the No internet connection dialog, click Configure Proxy Settings.
  2. Please provide the following configuration information for your proxy server:
    1. Proxy Host: The URL of the proxy server. Please include the protocol identifier (e.g. http:// or https://).
    2. Proxy Port: The port number to use to connect to the proxy server. In a URL, this value appears after a colon (e.g.
    3. Username: (optional) If your proxy requires a username to access, please enter it here.
    4. Password: (optional) Password associated with the user name.
  3. Click Save Proxy Settings and Restart.

When the application restarts, you should be able to connect to the login screen. 

NOTE: If you continue to have difficulties connecting to the Internet, please contact your network administrator or Internet provider.

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