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For secure and flexible access to the REST APIs of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform, you can enable access tokens. Each request via API requires some form of authentication. By using API access tokens, you can ensure that transfer of authentication information is minimized and obscured, and you can control the lifespan of these tokens.

Tip: Access tokens are the recommended method for managing access to the REST APIs.  



  1. You apply this change through the Workspace Settings Page. For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods.
  2. Locate the API Access Token setting, and set it to true.

  3. Save changes and restart the platform.

Create and Use

Via UI

You can create and delete tokens for personal use through the Settings area in the Designer Cloud application. For more information, see Access Tokens Page.


You can manage your access tokens through a specified set of REST APIs. See Manage API Access Tokens.


Access tokens cannot be used with the command line interface.


To disable this feature, please set the above setting to false.

NOTE: Disabling this feature prevents all API users from using their tokens to access any endpoints.

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