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Periodically, Alteryx® Inc may publish updates to the software release that you have currently installed. The Alteryx® Maintenance Release Updater can be run from the Alteryx node to check for updates for the release of the platform that is currently installed on the node. If a maintenance release (e.g. Release x.y.1) is available, the script downloads the package and launches the update locally.

Support Matrix

This script can only be used for maintenance patches for the current release. You cannot upgrade from Release 3.2 to Release 4.0 or any later release using this script.

NOTE: This script is not available in the GA release of any major release, since no maintenance release is yet available.

Below are some example upgrade paths.

Example UpgradeSupported?
Release 4.2.0 → Release 4.2.1Supported
Release 4.2.1 → Release 4.2.2Supported
Release 4.2.1 → Release 5.0.0Not Supported
Release 5.0.0 → Release 5.1Not Supported
Release 5.0.0 Hot FixesNot Supported


  • The Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform must not be running when the Updater is executed.
  • Do not run this script using a scheduler. 
  • NOTE: When the script is executed and new software is downloaded, the script automatically begins the update process, which can disrupt user operations and user data and may not work if the platform is running.


NOTE: You must acquire the script from the Alteryx download site. Please use the credentials provided to you to connect to the download site.

NOTE: Before you begin, shut down the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform and perform backups of the deployment directory and Alteryx databases.

  • This script is supported by Centos/RHEL 6 or later. Ubuntu is not supported.
  • This script must be run as the root user on the node.
  • The Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform must be installed on the node and configured to run using the [os.user (default=trifacta)] user.
  • To enable downloads of updates, CURL must be installed on the node.


Script Name:


Prior to execution, the script should be placed somewhere other than the Alteryx install directory.

  • /root or /tmp are acceptable locations.
  • The script must have execute permissions, if it doesn't already have them.

For each run of the script:

  • It creates a unique working directory under /opt/trifacta-upgrade-workdir
  • The working directory is where downloaded artifacts, backup artifacts, and log files are stored during execution.

Download and Install:

The following command checks for an update. If one is detected, it downloads the update and launches the updating process:

 NOTE: The credentials asked by the script are only used to connect to the FTP site to check for and download installer artifacts. These credentials are not stored anywhere.

The package is downloaded by default to the following location:


Install Downloaded Package:

If you have separately downloaded the update from Alteryx Inc, the following performs the update from the local package, which is specified by parameter:

./ -i <path_to_downloaded_RPM>

After you have completed the update:

  1. Review any update documentation provided to you.
  2. Restart the platform. See Start and Stop the Platform.
  3. Verify operations. See Verify Operations.

More Help:

./ -h

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