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Folders allow you to group related flows into a common organizing structure. For example, you can use folders to group flows by project, by source of data, or by other meaningful grouping.


  • Each flow in a folder is an independent object. Permissions can vary between flows in a folder and should be reviewed after adding them.
  • You can only move flows that you own.
  • Folders cannot be exported and imported.

Create Folder

You can create a folder in one of two ways:

  • Click the Create button. Then, select Create Folder. Enter a name and description for the folder. These values appear in the application. Click Save.
  • When you move a flow, you can optionally create a new folder for it. See below.

Move to Folder

To move a flow to a folder, select Move to from the context menu on the right side of the screen for the flow.

Figure: Move to Folder dialog

  • To move the flow, select the name of the flow. Click Move.
  • To search folder names, enter your search string in the Search textbox.
  • To move the flow into a new folder, click Create new folder. Enter a meaningful name and description for the folder. Select Move to new folder.

Delete Folder

To delete a folder, select Delete Folder from the context menu on the right side of the screen.

This step deletes the folder and all flows within it. This step cannot be undone.

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