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Release 6.0.2




Tip: The Restart Trifacta button in the Admin Settings page is the preferred method for restarting the platform.



NOTE: The restart button is not available when high availability is enabled for the Alteryx® node.

See Admin Settings Page.

NOTE: In an Azure HDI environment, you must perform platform start and stop operations from /opt/trifacta. Running these commands from other directories, such as /root, can cause service issues.



NOTE: These operations must be executed under the root user.


service trifacta start

Verify operations


  1. Check logs for errors:



    1. You can also access logs through the Designer Cloud® application for each service. See System Services and Logs

  2. Login to the Designer Cloud application. If available, perform a simple transformation operation. See  Login.

  3. Run a simple job. See Verify Operations.



service trifacta restart

When the login page is available, the system has been restarted. See Login.

Tip: If you have made any configuration changes, you should verify operations. See Verify Operations.



service trifacta stop



You can verify operations of WebHDFS. Command:

curl -i  "http://<hadoop_node>:<port_number>/webhdfs/v1/?op=LISTSTATUS&"


Error - SequelizeConnectionRefusedError: connect ECONNREFUSED

If you have attempted to start the platform after an operating system reboot, you may receive the following error message, and the platform start fails to complete: 

2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Environment Sanity Test Failed
2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Exception Type: Error
2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Exception Message: SequelizeConnectionRefusedError: connect ECONNREFUSED


NOTE: This solution applies to PostgreSQL 9.6 only. Please modify for your installed database version.

This error can occur when the operating system is restarted. Please execute the following commands to check the PostgreSQL configuration and restart the databases. 

chkconfig postgresql-9.6 on

Then, restart the platform as normal. 

service trifacta restart

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