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Using the following URL endpoint, you can create a dataset from another application through the Designer Cloud application

NOTE: This integration is not supported in the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application.


  • If you are calling from a source application, you must be logged into that application first. See Authentication below.
  • You must authenticate with the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform before you are redirected to the target destination. See API - UI Integrations.
  • This URL integration is supported on HDFS and S3 datastores.
  • It is assumed that there are no conflicting datasets with the names that are used to create the dataset in this set of steps. No name validation is performed as part of this action. 


NOTE: Before using any UI integration, you must first login to the application. If you are not logged in, you are redirected to the login page, where you can input your credentials before reaching your target URL.

In addition to authentication with the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform, the authenticated user must also have the appropriate permissions to access the assets on the datastore. This includes: 

  • Permissions to access the folder or directory
  • Appropriate impersonated user configured for the account, if secure impersonation is enabled.
  • If this dataset is going to be executed later via command line interface, you must create the dataset with the same user that will execute the job.

For more information:

HDFS: permissions and securitySee Configure Hadoop Authentication.
HDFS: usage

See Using HDFS.

See HDFS Browser.

S3: permissions and securitySee Enable S3 Access.
S3: usage

See Using S3.

See S3 Browser.  

Sources of Data

You can use this integration to create datasets from single files or a single directory. Below are some example URLs for sources from Hadoop HDFS or S3:

DatastoreSource TypeExample URLResults
HDFSDirectoryhdfs:///user/warehouse/campaign_data/User can choose the file through the UI to use for the dataset.
Filehdfs:///user/warehouse/campaign_data/d000001_01.csvUser can complete the steps through the UI to create the dataset.


User can choose the file through the UI to use for the dataset.


User can complete the steps through the UI to create the dataset.

NOTE: The above results assume that the user has the appropriate permissions to access the file or directory. If the user lacks permissions, an HTTP 404 error is displayed.

Step-by-Step Guide



  1. Acquire the target URL for the datastore through the Designer Cloud® application or through the datastore itself. Examples URLs:
    1. HDFS (file):

    2. S3 (directory):

  2. Navigate the browser to the appropriate URL in the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform. The following example applies to the HDFS file example from above. It must be preceded by the base URL for the platform. For more information, see API - UI Integrations.

  3. For file-based URLs, the file is selected automatically.
  4. For directory-based URLs, the user can select which ones to include through the browser. Click the Add Datasets to a Flow. Add the dataset to an existing flow or create a new one for it.  
  5. After the datasets have been imported, open the flow in which your import is located. For the datasets that you wish to execute, you should do the following in the Flow View page:
    1. Click the icon for the dataset.
    2. From the URL, retrieve the identifiers for the flow and the dataset. These values are needed for later execution through the command line interface.
    3. Example:

      Dataset URLflowIddatasetId


      The flowId is consistent across all datasets that you imported through the above steps.

  6. You can open the datasets and wrangle them as needed.

  7. Complete any required actions from within your source application.   


You can run jobs on the dataset through the following interfaces:


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