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Release 6.0.2


Scheduled Maintenance: will be offline for maintenance at 3:00pm UTC on Thursday March 30 for about 15 minutes.


For the latest updates on available API endpoints and documentation, see

These endpoints apply to version 3 of the APIs for the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform.




API Connections Create v3


API Connections Get List v3

/connections/:idGETReadAPI Connections Get v3
/connections/:id/statusGETRead StatusAPI Connections Get Status v3

API Connections Delete v3

Datasets and Recipes

/importedDatasetsPOSTCreateAPI ImportedDatasets Create v3
/importedDatasetsGETListAPI ImportedDatasets Get List v3

API ImportedDatasets Get v3

/importedDatasets/:idDELETEDeleteAPI ImportedDatasets Delete v3
/importedDatasets/:id/addToFlowPOSTCreateAPI ImportedDatasets Post AddToFlow v3
/wrangledDatasetsPOSTCreateAPI WrangledDatasets Create v3
/wrangledDatasetsGETListAPI WrangledDatasets Get List v3  
/wrangledDatasets/:idGETReadAPI WrangledDatasets Get v3
/wrangledDatasets/:idDELETEDeleteAPI WrangledDatasets Delete v3
/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDatasetsGETReadAPI WrangledDatasets Get PrimaryInputDataset v3
/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDatasetsPUTUpdateAPI WrangledDatasets Put PrimaryInputDataset v3


/flowsPOSTCreateAPI Flows Create v3
/flowsGETListAPI Flows Get List v3
/flows/:idGETReadAPI Flows Get v3
/flows/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Flows Patch v3
/flows/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Flows Delete v3

Flow import and export

/flows/package/dryRunPOSTImport dry runAPI Flows Package Post DryRun v3
/flows/packagePOSTImportAPI Flows Package Post v3
/flows/:id/package/dryRunGETExport dry runAPI Flows Package Get DryRun v3
/flows/:id/packageGETExportAPI Flows Package Get v3

Jobgroups and Jobs


API JobGroups Create v3

/jobGroupsGETListAPI JobGroups Get List v3

API JobGroups Get v3

/jobGroups/:id/jobsGETReadAPI JobGroups Get Jobs v3
/jobGroups/:id/statusGETRead StatusAPI JobGroups Get Status v3
/jobGroups/:id/publishPUTCreateAPI JobGroups Put Publish v3
/jobGroups/:idDELETEDeleteAPI JobGroups Delete v3

Deployments and Releases

/deploymentsPOSTCreateAPI Deployments Create v3
/deploymentsGETListAPI Deployments Get List v3
/deployments/:idGETReadAPI Deployments Get v3
/deployments/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Patch v3
/deployments:/:id/objectImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Object Import Rules Patch v3
/deployments:/:id/valueImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Value Import Rules Patch v3
/deployments/:id?embed=releasesGETListAPI Deployments Get Release List v3

API Deployments Run v3

/deployments/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Deployments Delete v3
/deployments/:id/releasesPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create v3
/deployments/:id/releases/dryRunPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create DryRun v3
/releases:idGETReadAPI Releases Get v3
/releases/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Releases Patch v3
/releases/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Releases Delete v3
/releases/:id/packageGETReadAPI Releases Package Get v3


/peoplePOSTCreateAPI People Create v3
/peopleGETListAPI People Get List v3
/peoplePATCHUpdateAPI People Patch v3
/people/:idGETReadAPI People Get v3
/people/:idDELETEDeleteAPI People Delete v3


/sessionGETReadAPI Session Get

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