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Outdated release! Latest docs are Release 8.2: API Deployments Patch v4


For the latest updates on available API endpoints and documentation, see

This is the latest version of the APIs.


Update the specified deployment.

NOTE: Deployments pertain to Production instances of the Trifacta® platform. For more information, see Overview of Deployment Manager.

Version:  v4

Required Permissions

NOTE: Each request to the Trifacta® platform must include authentication credentials. See API Authentication.


Request Type: PATCH




<id>Internal identifier for the deployment

Request URI - Example:


Request Body: Example - Modify the deployment name

NOTE: For the PATCH method, only the properties that are being patched need to be submitted.

    "name": "New Deployment Name"


Response Status Code - Success:  200 - OK

Response Body Example:

    "id": 1,
    "updater": {
        "id": 7
    "updatedAt": "2019-02-13T20:17:56.608Z"


For more information on the properties of a deployment, see API Deployments Get v4.

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