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Release 6.4.2



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This is the latest version of the APIs.


Run the job for the active release of the specified deployment.

  • At least one manual output must be specified for the main flow within the package. See Flow View Page.
  • An active release must be specified for the deployment. See API Releases Patch v4.

NOTE: Deployments pertain to Production instances of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform. For more information, see Overview of Deployment Manager.

Version:  v4

Required Permissions

NOTE: Each request to the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform must include authentication credentials. See


Request Type: POST




<id>Internal identifier for the deployment

Request URI - Example:


Request Body:


Request Body - Example for dataset with parameters:

In the following example, the request body contains overrides to the default job definition. In this case, the override is to set a new value for the parameter of the dataset:

  "runParameters": {
    "overrides": {
      "data": [{
        "key": "varRegion",
        "value": "02"


Response Status Code - Success:  201 - Created

Response Body Example:

    "data": [
            "reason": "JobStarted",
            "sessionId": "14337009-1637-4948-a36f-16479d7138c6",
            "id": 3


reasonAction undertaken on the endpoint.
sessionIdInternal identifier for the session of the job run
idJobGroup identifier. For more information, see API JobGroups Get v4. identifier for the individual jobs that compose the job group being executed.

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